Live Maine Lobsters

Hudson Valley Seafood is proud to say that we are now receiving daily shipments of Live Maine Lobsters.  Our lobsters are brought in one day out of water and are purchased directly from the lobstermen (and women) in Maine. Unlike the big grocery stores, our lobsters are never tanked for long periods of time, which guarantees that just-out-of-the-water flavor.

Did you know? Not all Lobsters available to us are caught in the waters of Maine. The Maine Lobster, or American Lobster, is the only species of lobster that is commercially fished for on the East Coast of North America. Much of the lobsters avaialable to consumers are actually brought in from Canada. Keep our money in the USA! Buy your Maine Lobsters from the most trusted seafood market in the valley… Hudson Valley Seafood! You can trust your local fishmonger!

Please Place Large Quantity Orders In Advance.

No Order Is Too Big Or Too Small… We Can Deliver To Your Event Or Gathering For Large Orders.

Lobster Prices Will Fluctuate Based On Current Market Value.

All Sizes Are Available With Notice… 1.1lb (Chix) All The Way Up To 8lbs.

Inquire About Availability On Hardshell And Softshell Lobsters.