Catering Menu


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House made appetizers:                              EACH:

Stuffed clams                                                 $3.00

Cod cakes                                                       $3.00

Clams casino                                                  $3.00

House crab cakes – 3 oz.                              $25.00 for 6

Oysters Rockefeller                                      $25.00 for 6

Salmon Burger                                              $10.00 for 2


Frutti Di Mare ( shrimp/ octopus/ calamari)        $20- per pound

Acme smoked whitefish salad                                   $20- per pound

Acme smoked salmon salad                                      $25- per pound




Platters and pans:

Shrimp cocktail  (large) 2lb minimum                 $32- per pound

Shrimp cocktail  (medium) 2lb minimum           $27- per pound



House made chowders and bisque by the quart:

Great sauces for seafood too!

New England seafood chowder             $15- per quart

Manhattan Seafood chowder                 $15- per quart

Lobster Bisque                                           $20- per quart


House made and quality purveyor side dishes by the pound:

Cornbread oyster stuffing                         $10- per lb.

Wakame seaweed salad  (green)             $16- per lb.

Fresh steamed lobster salad                    $50- per lb.

House made cocktail sauce                      $5- (per 8 oz.)

House made tartar sauce                          $5- (per 8 oz.)


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