Fresh Gulf Shrimp (Never Frozen)

We are one of the only local fish markets around that consistently source Wild Gulf Shrimp from a few select sustainable fisheries. We always have fresh never frozen Gulf shrimp in house because we know they are some of the best shrimp available. We typically carry 2 or 3 sizes at all times in order to accommodate most recipes. Please place orders in advance for quantities larger than 5 lbs. We can supply any amount of these bad boys and will kindly deliver for orders over 50 lbs.

Winter Skate (NJ, USA)

Winter Skate, one of the most ancient fish living today in our oceans, is only found in the western North Atlantic.  Its range is from Newfoundland, Canada to Cape Hatteras, NC.  Except for the summer months, Winter Skate is plentiful in our coastal waters.  The species has long been a bycatch fishery.  As of recently, the Skate is now targeted directly by gill netters and managed well.  Most of the Skate we catch is exported to Europe where it is better known and appreciated.  Skate does not have any bones; the flesh is delicate but firm and has a mild and pronounced flavor. Usually prepared by poaching, steaming or quick frying, and is often paired with capers and acidic accompaniments.

Royal Miyagi Oysters, British Columbia

West coast oysters are coming back into season and we are very excited. Royal Miyagis have become a staple in NYC oyster bars, and are gaining some traction here in The Hudson Valley. They are harvested from the waters near Cortes Island, British Columbia. The Miyagis are small with a deep cup. They have a smooth texture, a mild flavor and a clean kiwi-like aftertaste. The Miyagis have a strong shelf life and come in fresh 2 times a week. We can do 1/4 and 1/2 bushels in addition to full bushels.

Great South Bay, Long Island Oysters (True Bluepoints)

Premium hand selected oysters from the original harvest location of the original Long Island Blue Point.  Authentic Blue Points have not been harvested commercially since the 1930’s.  The geologic and oceanic influences unique to this bay create a savory, mineral essence equal to that of the 19th century when Queen Victoria of England preferred Blue Points above any other oyster.